August 5th 2018 Lauttasaari, Kaskisaari and Lehtisaari in Helsinki

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Saarten 10 is a small 10km race in the islands of Lauttasaari, Kaskisaari and Lehtisaari in Helsinki.

The event is held in August 5th 2018 at 2pm. Participation fee is €15 until July 15th and €20 starting from July 16th. Members of Vegaanijuoksijat ry get a discounted prices, €10 and €15. There are a couple of free entries available for economically disadvantaged - email for more information.

The Race

Saarten 10 aims to be a positive and beginner friendly race that welcomes all runners regardless of their running background. Hopefully there will be challenges for the more competitive types, too! The post race snacks and drinks are all vegan and all the profit will be donated to the Saparomäki animal sanctuary.


The services at Kasinonranta swimming beach include a cafe, toilet and shower. You can leave a dropbag to the organizers. The bags will be stored outdoors. You get a sticker for the dropbag when picking up the bib number.

“Thanks for well organized race, it was great to run the Islands. Could you please share the recipe for the the LOVELY blueberry pie as a consolation prize?” – Niina
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The route

Both the start and the finish are at the Kasinonranta in Lauttasaari. The route is 10km and hugs the coastal line of Lauttasaari, Kaskisaari and Lehtisaari in Helsinki. There are no big hills but the route is undulating at times. The map shows the preliminary route and may be subject to change. The route will be clearly marked and in selected spots there will be staff to guide you. The roads and paths are not closed for the race so please pay attention to others sharing the same routes. There are no aid stations on the route but there will be drinks and some snacks for recovery at the finish.


Instructions for the race day

You get the bib number and a sticker for drop bag at the start area. The best way to arrive is by bicycle or by public transportation. It's a short 600m walk from the Lauttasaari subway station and if you arrive by car you can park it for example at the Särkiniementie.


You can pick up the bib number and drop your baggage from 1:15pm and the bibs are available for pick up until 1:45pm. The start is at 2pm. Baggage left to organizers needs to be picked up by 4pm.


The roads are not closed for the event so please pay attention to the traffic and others sharing the routes. The organizers hold a right to use the photos and video taken during the event. The runners are not insured by the organizers.


You can contact us by sending email to

“The event had a great athmosphere with happy runners and beautiful scenery.” – Tanja
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